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2012-11-05 02:50:45 by Endless-Psychoticism

Haven't logged on in for-fucking-ever. What's changed? How's the forum community now? Should I bother?
I dunno.


Yeah, eat a lot of food, whatever.

Honestly, I rarely post or deposit.

Holy fuck I'm 18.

2010-06-02 13:44:29 by Endless-Psychoticism

God this feels weird.

Okay, I'll go back to drawing commisions and shit. No, not people. Just whaever you suggest I do.
So, to all you people reading this, what do you want me to draw?

Though this is just one of their songs, I actually took the time to listen to Amateur Transplants. You should to, just because.

/* */

An adventurer is you!
Quite frankly, I love this game. Could be the humor, could be the community, but whatever. I highly recommend this click-controlled RPG to practically anyone. And yes, I do have an account there. It's named scheisse, a level 13 Disco Bandit. See ya somewhere there!

/* */
...is to KICK YOUR ASS.
Happy holidays people.

Yeh, I learned that through certain ways. Now let's see...
I shall now cast Vassalation on every person who comments here. A free, sticky surprise will be given to those who say what it is. And yes, I know what vassalation is.